Varanasi Travel Guide

Come breathe in the pious air of Varanasi with MS Tours and Travels. If you want to go out on a soul-searching expedition in India, there is no better place. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of the flowers and the chimes of the temples. Meet the Yogis and learn essential life lessons, which they have acquired after years of meditation and practice.

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A city so old that even Rome falls short in comparison is Varanasi. It is also known as Kashi and is the ancient Indian city situated on the banks of River Ganga. Looking up its history yields multiple accounts of attacks, raids, and plunders on this city at different points on its timeline. Unlike other tourist attractions, Varanasi does not have big architectural structures and rock carvings to set it apart. It is the religious charm of this place that makes it a place to visit.

Rural Varanasi Tour

on 07/05/2013

The name of Varanasi has evolved with the times. It was called Kashi earlier and has become Varanasi or Banaras now. Exploring the urban areas of this city is a wonderful experience. However, if you truly want to understand this religious place then there is nothing better than a walk down the dusty roads through the rural areas of Varanasi. Join us as we take you on a rural Banaras tour. We are sure that you will find solace in the lap of nature when you embark on this rustic journey.